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Ruth Hazell is a 21-year-old Fashion Designer from Hobart, Tasmania. After completing a Cert III in Fashion Design and Technology from TasTAFE, Hazell moved to Melbourne in 2018 to study a Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Through her practice, she has taken on roles such as designer, stylist, creative director, photographer and film maker.


Working mainly in womenswear, her outcomes generally inform some sort of deconstruction through fabric manipulation and transparency. Her current project emerges from her own experiences and dissatisfaction during isolation due to Covid19. She investigates how being in isolation has scraped away the layers of her everyday life, as well as so many others, to the bare minimum. This idea has found itself producing garments in their most bare form which has introduced notions of transparency found in deconstruction fashion. Through design, she wants to communicate how this ‘scrapping away’ has affected not only herself but many people in the same situation.

Ruth Hazell.jpg


Bare Isolation
Bare 9.JPG

Fashion Design Project 2020

A project focused on the struggle of life in isolation.

Deeply Distressed.jpg

Photography Project 2020

A photography project investigating the impact the pandemic has had on our inanimate objects.

What About the Inanimates?
ruth 3.jpg

Fashion Styling Project 2020

A light-hearted slightly humorous take on self-isolation.

My Iso Diary
AfterlightImage 2.JPG

Fashion Styling Project 2020

A concept based on the idea of feeling trapped in everyday life.

Trappd by Existence
Death 18.JPG

Fashion Design Project 2019

An exploration of how death can be seen as a beautiful, natural process. 

Beneath Death
psycho 1.jpg

Fashion Design Project 2019

Tailored Jacket design exploring psychedelic culture in the 1960's.

Armed Psychodelia
It's A GLobal Affair
retouched ella 1.jpg

Sculptural Art Project 2017

A sculpture/art project reflecting on major global issues. 

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